Thursday, July 11, 2013

School hols - the Farm

We had the opportunity to go to the farm for a few days this week and it was fabulous as always.

I haven't been there in the middle of winter like this before, though the kids and I spent nearly two weeks there at the END of winter back in 2011.

The fog/mist seemed to roll in off the river late in the afternoon, then in the morning we were completely surrounded.

This lasted for hours, I am not actually sure if it was fog/mist/low cloud or a combo effect. It didn't lift until mid-afternoon most days and sometimes it hadn't cleared completely by the time night fell again.

But that didn't stop us, we went for walks in the fog, looking at all the details that we could see...

and more walks when the fog did eventually lift.

We met the latest resident of the farmhouse and had a fine time as usual. Lots of crafting, playing monopoly, doing jigsaw puzzles and playing tiggy in and out of the many doors in the homestead.

Back to Melbourne now and our house is not nearly so well heated as the Farm.....!


Charlotte Scott said...

Pretty photos. Are you sure you didn't jump the ditch and take a break in NZ? Looks a bit like our place in the mornings - complete with real sheep though!

Cat J B said...

Yeah, could be NZ for sure round here, there are some real sheep round somewhere too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are beautiful pictures. I love the country. It looks like you gave your kids a great time there. I really enjoyed reading this.

Cat J B said...

Thanks Susana, we all had a great time there.

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