Saturday, November 5, 2011

Keep the kids busy with a potion lab

I came across this idea on some cool blog (that I now can't find or remember) and thought my kids would love it. 

A potion lab, just the thing for a bit of magic, or maybe some scientific experimentation if you prefer.

I saved up any plastic containers I came across for a couple of weeks, then on a sunny but cold Saturday morning away we went. We did this in that time of year when Saturday Auskick had finished but cricket had not yet begun, so Saturdays belonged entirely to us for just a little while. For better or worse.

Many containers, a funnel, food colouring and water. 


The boys even managed to refrain from dumping/throwing/pouring the water over each other for most of the time. We did end up with a fair amount of mess and the colours all blended to a nice murky brown of course but my little magician and scientist loved it.


Kath Lockett said...

Oh yes! I remember my mother letting me do that, not only with coloring and water, but also with flour, so that I could make all kinds of gruesome 'cakes'.

Fast forward thirty years to a five year old Sapphire being allowed to do the same thing and a day later when the garden was festooned with luridly radioactive blue dog poos - Milly had found and eaten the 'cake' !!

Cat J B said...

Hehe! I resist adding flour only because I KNOW they will, in the end, end up tipping/throwing the stuff over each other and it will inadvertently end up over everything else at the same time.

Kath Lockett said...

Fair enough. Mum said we could only use it outside though. Being the middle child with two brothers, she clearly knew that I was in for a big messy time....

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