Saturday, September 17, 2011

Matching pants and environmentally friendly weed killer

My little monsters today....

As soon as the temperature rises above 12c, they are ready to get their gear off and race round like mad things outside. It didn't actually reach 25c I'm sure, but that did not deter them one little bit.

Do ya like their matching shorts?

Haaaahaha, yup, I've turned into one of 'those' mums, but I just couldn't help myself when I found them in Mr 3's size. The boys think it's cool, so I'll milk that for what it's worth while I can. Poor things.

I thought I'd give the new veggie garden a sprinkle but that soon degenerated into a bit of a free-for-all with the hose...

They don't need a beach to have fun with their bodyboards, either.

And, just LOOK at these dying weeds:
( I just know you're drooling with excitement)

My mission was to find an environmentally friendly weedkiller.

Answer to problem: straight white vinegar in a spray bottle.

Now, these are not huge weeds, as evidenced by the toe of my shoe, but I sprayed them yesterday afternoon and they are surely looking very much worse for wear now. Whether or not vinegar would work on the waist high jungle that was our backyard a few years back I'm not sure.

So, armed with vinegar for weeds, and a torch and my husbands big ol' shoe for snails, I am all set for gardening this summer. Yeah.


Louisa said...

Waist high weeds is the current state of our front yard - luckily the child labour force currently love weeding!! They'll probably love spraying the path with white vinegar too - have to try that - thanks!

ms lottie said...

I tried a full-on flaming blowtorch (from hubby's workshop) on the weeds growing through our gravel. Didn't work, they grew back through their blackend stumps. Next I'll try vinegar!

Cat J B said...

Oi, a flaming blowtorch!

The waist high backyard was extra embarrassing because the weeds had grown up thru cracks between the bricks. They didn't even have real ground to grow in, but boy, they practically became trees, fat woody stems and all. We got a mate who works for the local council to come round with his industrial weed wacker thingy and hack it into submission for us.

Kath Lockett said...

Love their shorts and love the fact that it barely has to get above 15C to get wet.

We used to have a rule - if it was 22C or over, we were allowed to go for a swim. These days it has to be 42C before I'd even think about it!

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