Thursday, November 18, 2010

This is Melbourne

So, just a few days ago I was celebrating the return of hot weather, but we are in Melbourne after all and hot on the heels of that hot day was a really, really wet one.

Just in time for the weekend.


Four people in a small house on a wet day.

One of whom is tired and crabby.
And wants to watch the golf on tv.
And actually hear the commentary.

Two of whom are small children. Boys, at that. Loud ones.

And me.

Feeling like the meat in the sandwich, I decided it was in everyone's best interests to get the boys outside for a bit, despite the inclement weather.

We found it is possible to blow bubbles in wet weather, just as well as fine weather.

In fact, it's more interesting because the bubbles settle on the ground and other objects without popping.

Something about the surface tension I imagine. Need to look that one up to clarify.

Cool, huh?

Later, we went down to our local man-made wetland, which is where all the storm water goes.

We've examined the street level drains and seen what happens when they're blocked by leaves, so it was interesting for the boys to see where all that water actually ends up.

We usually only come down here in fine weather, when there's next-to-no water running through this concrete cutting.

The whole area had a different feel, with puddles to jump in, frogs to search for, ducks to try and photograph and the amazing revelation by Mr 5 that trees can actually look wet.

Um, right, yes they can.

Hi ho, life is challenging at the moment, but it's rather fun, too.

Loving it!


Debbie said...

So cute, and the pictures are great! I miss rain.

Kath Lockett said...

Your bubble observation is a good one - I reckon that might even amuse an 11 year next time it rains!

Louisa said...

We had 39 degrees today - but a promise of possible showers tomorrow - maybe? Please?

Annette Piper said...

That's great that you got to see the familiar but in such different conditions - good for perspective!

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