Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cloth, anybody?

I whipped up these cloth butt wipes for a friend, double sided flannel, turned and top stitched. Made from odds and ends of flannelette I have left over from making blankets for my little ones, how cute are these for wiping tiny tushes? Very satisfying project.



em + woz said...

I'm intrigued. Are these for using at home, or when you're out? They're gorgeous!

Cat J B said...

Em, I've now made our family a swag of these, my 5 yr old uses them instead of toilet paper,I do too sometimes. They go in the wash with the cloth nappies. And my 5 yr old is much cleaner using dampened cloths to wipe, rather than dry paper to smear. And they are cute, lol

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